Sunday, September 11, 2011

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Welcome to Geocache Dog!

Welcome to GEOCACHE DOG! Geocache Dog will track the adventures of dogs and their owners to find geocaches in their area and beyond. Geocaching is a modern way of treasure hunt. A high tech treasure hunt. Let the fun begin.

Step one: Go to and set up an account. Learn all about geocaching.

Step two: Find a place to hike or even check out your neighborhood. You will be surprised how many caches have been close to you. Print out the caches or use your smart phone or a gps unit if you have one. Makes it so much easier!

Step three: Become a Geocacheholic. Once you've done it you are hooked. Welcome to our world!

Happy Caching!

We are not an official site. We are here to support Geocachers and their dogs. There is no affiliation between this site and the official site or any other geocaching site.